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Welcome To 798! Your Home Of Entertainment News, Video Game News & Rumours!!

Hi, I'm Warren Woodhouse, creator of the original 798 which was based at Funtigo before Funtigo moved into Piczo, then my site moved into Piczo. Originally, my website, 798, was intended to show you the things I like and the things I found useful on the web, along with websites that I've acquired and are now located within Warren Kris Woodhouse Corporation.

Since Piczo defunct in 2012, my 798 website moved to my main website and I forgot to update, but recently I've been re-building my old websites to give them a modern twist!

Here is my prime example, 798, which helped to build my free company.

I hope you enjoy the free stuff and information that you find on here and stay tuned for future updates.

Your Blogging Pal,

Warren Woodhouse

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